About Us

About Us

Salem is a seaport in Northeastern Massachusetts – and the site of the infamous witch trials of 1692

In the year 1692, colonial Salem town was going through a rough time. With a growing rift between the rich and the poor, between “good” women and “bad” (aka, unique and strong willed) women, people stopped trusting each other. And anyone who dared to be different was cast out of society. 

Which is why when two girls from wealthy families suffering from an unusual illness blamed their symptoms on three women on the fringes of society, people were quick to convict them of witchcraft.

Any women was at risk of being accused – and all it took was one accusation to be sentenced to death. 

In the end, over 200 women were convicted of “ the Devil’s magic” – and 19 were killed.

Most of the women who suffered from the witch trials were those who stood out – be it for being strong-willed, childless, independent, poor, or just unique.

SDC – A dance company that celebrates any and every strong, empowered women who dares to stand out.


Student Team

Greek and Roman god of sunlight, music, dance, and poetry. He is widely considered to be the most beautiful of all gods.


Amateur Team

A Greek goddess of the moon, and the female complement of Sol, the god of the sun. She represents the lunar attributes of instinct, creativity, luck, and femininity.


Semi-Pro Team

A Norse goddess associated with love, fertility, sex and beauty. She is also believed to be a sorceress, able to give people the powers of shapeshifting, and influence the outcome of war.