Chloe Cheuk


If you're looking for someone who is passionate, knowledgeable, and professional, then you need to take classes with Anastasiya! She has an extensive dance background and she also specializes in technique, styling, and musicality! I've learnt a lot from her so far!! 🙂

May Zou


Great instructor and classes! Expect to learn about technique, styling, footwork and other elements, clearly explained, that will improve and transform your dancing!

Marielle Ortañez Torrefranca


An amazing coach who was a game changer for me in dance. Incredible at teaching technique, great style — and a team that has become like family!

Mikaela Rojas


This is definitely the best place to learn technique, musicality and challenging choreos for Latin dances and more. Great atmosphere to improve as a dancer! Anastasiya is an amazing teacher and coach that will push you to improve but also support you in the process.

Natalie Sequeira


An amazing coach who not only teaches you the intricacies of technique that will refine your dancing, but also guides you to find your own style in dance. Challenging and inspiring.

Patricia Gomez-Silva


Anastasiya is the best teacher/coach/choreographer! Every class is entertaining and you learn so much at a faster pace than other studios. Whether you want to lead or follow in Latin styles, this the school for you!

Cindy Chao


Anastasiya is an amazing teacher and coach. She challenges you but also provides encouragement and support to get better. Under her leadership I have been improving my techniques substantially since my first Latin dance course over a decade ago. She is professional, approachable, and has a beautiful and unique style in her choreographies! Highly recommend.

Beatrice Caraghin


If you are looking for dance as well as performance classes with an amazingly talented person who is basically a teacher, choreographer and mentor all in one - you found the right place! Anastacia is very technical and precise in her training, her choreography is creative and interesting to watch, and on top of it all she is super cool and supportive! Check it out!

Malwina Biczysko


Anastasiya I just wanted to say thank you so much for the first couple of classes, they’ve been so so great! The ballet class has really helped me to focus on my posture and technique as a dancer, and it’s been really great doing it in my ballroom heels! Such good practice. And the stretching class has been super informative and has really helped me get a feel of where my body is at and what I need to work on in terms of flexibility. Thank you

Also thank you for getting us to take the before photos to encourage accountability to our growth. I really appreciate your care and attention. Can’t wait till next class!

Lisa Schlömer


I've been training with Anastasiya for over three years. She's an amazing coach! Classes are well structured to include helpful technical explanations. Great classes both in person and online.

William Liu


In my time at Steps Dance Studio,  I have had the pleasure of having Anastasiya Zhuravska as my dance instructor (in Salsa, Bachata and styling/technical skills) for over a year. She displays tremendous dedication, passion and enthusiasm for her art and it shows every time she takes the dance floor to display her talent.  Her love for dance and what she does can be felt by everyone watching her! In her classes, she projects amazing positive energy to her students, displays vast amounts of knowledge and technical skills that can easily be seen and felt. She is always friendly, professional, and always willing to help out her students.

I always look forward to being in her classes because she makes it fun, a great workout, and challenging at the same time. I have seen tremendous improvement in my own dancing, my confidence and overall pleasure for dancing in my time with her. I would highly recommend Anastasiya Zhuravska to anyone who is looking a dance instructor!

Linda Kooluris Dobbs


Anastasiya is a gifted teacher of dance because she is a superbly gifted and trained dancer. Each class I have taken with her has brought me to another level. Her attention to detail, her musicality and her clear instruction, both verbally and physically, allow a student to focus on correct movement and placement of feet, limbs and hands. Her classically trained background does not interfere with moving within the various forms of Latin dance. On the contrary, along with her grace and seeming ease, it enhances them. Beyond this, I have had the good fortune to document her photographically in performance and in competitions and so have studied in depth her perfect form.